Frequently asked questions

What type of device can I use?

PCs and Macs, iOS devices and most Android mobiles and tablets will work well.

We recommend using a wired internet connection where possible and that you check the key tips below before attempting to watch.

Can I watch on my Smart TV / Xbox / PS4

Official answer: no. All Smart TVs, consoles, etc. are different and the technology we currently use isn't supported across every make and model. Please feel free to try watching our pre-game stream with your Smart TV but only if you have another supported device to rely on.

Key tips

Please check the following tips before making any support requests to us:

  • If you are using a PC or Mac you will receive the best reception using Chrome or Firefox browser — check you are using the most up to date version, you can find download links at Browse Happy
  • If you are seeing green blotches on your feed, it may be wifi congestion. Check other internet users are not using live video or bandwidth heavy downloads until you find the source of your problem.

Speed Test

Use speedtest.net to verify your speed test is both consistent and suitable. You will need at least 5 Megabytes per second ("5MB/s") to have an uninterrupted stream. If you have less or your results are fluctuating then you have a connection issue beyond our control. Our HD stream will need a steady 20MB/s connection for best use.